AD, Essex Fells, NJ

“Mary and her dedicated employees have been planting and tending our home’s gardens for years. As a result of Mary’s creativity and hard work, our gardens and flowers in our planters always look beautiful and manicured. Mary and her wonderful crew will make your property look its best. Mary’s years of experience show in her magnificent work. I highly recommend Mary’s Gardens.”

Christy Guettel, Bedford Corners, NY

“I started working with Mary and her crew this past fall.  I can honestly say they are the nicest, fastest, cleanest, and most responsible crew I’ve ever worked with (for any type of home improvement).  They arrive exactly on time and if they say a job will take 3 days, it takes 3 days.  If they had to, they stayed past dark and used the light from their trucks to finish the final plantings.  They find the most beautiful plants, I’ve had strangers drive up to my house to ask me where my privets came from because they’ve never seen any so lush and healthy.  What I like best about Mary and co. is that they have a plan, but aren’t rigid about it.  If something doesn’t feel quite right or look how they’d hoped, they’ll tinker, move things around and talk with you.  I never felt railroaded or pressured, and I’m learning about flowers and gardening as we go.  Mary is like a flower encyclopedia, so knows EVERYTHING about plants and patiently explains it all.  I also love that they’re a family operation.  Mary’s son is right beside her working away, and by the end of their time here, they felt like extended family.  I can’t recommend them enough, I know I’ll be working with them for years to come.  I’m a happy customer.”

Barbara Prince, Glen Ridge, NJ

“Mary Chalek and the gang from Mary’s Garden have been caring for our property for many years.  And each summer, the yard just gets more beautiful.  Mary is creative and our garden design reflects her use of a wide and colorful variety of plants and blooms.  The diligent attention she and her crew give to our yard each season pays off in the many compliments we receive from our neighbors and visitors.  I can’t imagine our garden without Mary’s green thumb in charge of its caretaking.  Nothing is more soothing, peaceful or beautiful than a well-tended garden – like ours!”

Tracy Higgins, Montclair, NJ

“Mary Chalek offered us everything we were looking for in a garden designer: a wonderful aesthetic sensibility, deep knowledge of what plants need and where they will thrive, and complete professionalism in the way she runs her business.  Our gardens have never been more beautiful or had better care.  Mary is the best.”

Pamela Cerruti, Upper Montclair, NJ

“My first experience with Mary’s Gardens was at GlenRidge Country Club. I have been a member there for over 25 years and noticed a wonderful change…there were beautiful flowers and blooming shrubs, everywhere. I inquired as to who did the work and was directed to Mary Chalek. Since that time Mary has prepared all the landscaping and gardens at both my home in Montclair and Vermont. What is unique about Mary’s work is that the garden changes color all year long…watching the variation in color move throughout the seasons is spectacular…Mary is truly a gifted landscape designer and a wonderful person.”

Roslyn Croatman, Upper Montclair, NJ

“I started working with Mary’s Gardens 15 years ago. They have done consistently excellent work on my property (large, steeply sloped front lawn, rocky back yard), including quite a bit of hand-pruning and special planting in addition to seasonal maintenance.

They are efficient, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. Not only that, Mary and her crew (often including her son and daughter) are the nicest people. They go out of their way to make sure I have what I need. In fact, we’re not just business and client at this point … more like family than anything else.

I know what I want, but I’m very open to Mary’s suggestions. She has no end of practical, useful ideas about my property and what would work best there. My property looks so beautiful now … I rely on her to keep it looking that way, and to add new touches season to season. I often recommend Mary’s Gardens to neighbors and friends.”

Amy Sikkerbol, Glen Ridge NJ

“Mary Chalek has been working with us for the whole time I’ve worked there – for 18 years in all. Our management has seen some changes; we’ve grown and changed in many ways over the years. One constant here at the club is how the grounds look, and how our members appreciate it. Mary’s Gardens has played a very significant role in the aesthetic, comfortable outdoor environment we provide here. Year after year, I see new, striking and quite beautiful plantings. Our members notice, and they are not shy about expressing their approval.

Here are some of the projects Mary’s Gardens has worked on for us:

Bulb plantings for spring bloom
Perennial garden design and installation
Creation of a new pool and tiki bar garden
Revamped the entire area behind the club house, including all trees and shrubs, plus formal gardens by the Pro Shop.
Designed and installed showplace formal gardens at the front and entry of the clubhouse.
Placing summer flowers and planters, everywhere on site.
Countless small, seasonal gardens and plant settings through the 18-hole golf course.

We have learned to trust Mary’s judgment. She has the leeway to be as creative here as she wants to be, having earned that trust through so many years of excellent work. Not only that. You could not find a more cheerful, helpful crew to work with. We love having them here!”