Not Your Typical Groundcovers

When meeting with prospective clients, I often hear this:

“I can’t stand pachysandra or English ivy”.

Fair enough. So what are your groundcover alternatives?

Let’s think “outside the box”. Many different plants can serve this purpose very well on your property. Below is a list of groundcovers that merit our attention and are worthy for several reasons. A few notes:

If you have areas where grass will not grow, slopes or shady areas, groundcovers are the answer.

Many groundcovers are deer resistant. All of them flower. Some are even fragrant. Some make great cut flowers. Flower arrangers will appreciate the different foliage textures whether they are evergreen or deciduous.

In the beginning, mulch 2 inches deep to help keep weeds down and moisture in until established. Weeding will still need to be done. Gardens are not maintenance free. Aesthetically speaking, plants are better to look at than mulch.

Pay close attention to growth and care requirements for your groundcover, and you will be rewarded with healthy and happy plants for years to come.

Ajuga reptans ‘Black Scallop’. Bugleweed. 3” x 6”. Deep purple foliage. Blue flower spikes in late spring. Growth habit is spreading. Deer resistant. Sun / part shade. Semi-evergreen.

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